Primary Health Care

Primary health care is the first service that people receive from the health system when they have a health issue. Primary health care refers to a wide range of health services provided by community service providers, which includes diagnosis, treatment, health care and regular check-up.

Primary health care is important for sustainable and quality health care for people at an affordable cost. Primary health care is an effective way to address people’s major health issues and risks and to reduce costs on health care services.

What the Unit Does

The Primary Health Care Unit of the National Center for Health Promotion is responsible for strengthening mechanisms for community involvement to ensure quality primary health care services for people. This includes training of village health support groups and the health center management committees. The Unit has opened training courses for health center management committees in provinces. Besides this, the Unit has conducted visits to monitor the work progress of health center management committees and village health support groups and has updated the guidelines on the implementation of the National Policy for Primary Health Care.


Case Studies

Policies and Guidelines