Environment Health and Hygiene

Environmental health and hygiene play an important role in public health and widely cover not only personal hygiene but also other various factors such as climate change and natural disasters.

Through environmental protection and change in people behavior to minimize the contact with bio or non-bio agents that cause diseases, environmental health and hygiene are very important in preventing one from falling ill.

What the Unit Does

The Environmental Health and Hygiene Unit of the National Center for Health Promotion (NCHP) focuses on general improvements of community health and food hygiene for women during and after pregnancy by equipping health officials and teachers at primary schools with the ability to educate other people on health hygiene. Besides this, the focus will improve the ability of health officials from the department level to health center level as well as the ability of other relevant partner organizations to change service provider behavior by equipping them with knowledge, skills and positive attitudes towards all clients and to monitor client’s satisfaction with the provided health services (at provincial hospitals and referral hospitals).