The 2nd Tobacco Control Committee Meeting

On Tuesday 16 November 2021, Ministry of Health of Kingdom of Cambodia with National Center for Health Promotion organized the 2nd Tobacco Control Committee Meeting under the chairmanship of H.E Dr. Ung Phyrun, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health and the Permanent Deputy Chairman of the Tobacco Control Committee and 68 members from the relevant ministries and the capital and provincial level who are members of the Secretariat Committee of the Department of Health of Administration, 25 capital-provinces and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The meeting was held virtually (via Zoom Video Conference) at Ministry of Health in order to: 

  1. examine the progression on implementation of tobacco control inspections related to legislative compliances, progression of law enforcement in the past and challenges; and
  2. review and decide on the National Strategic Plan on Tobacco Education and Reduction, 2021-2026.
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