The Cataract Blindness Eradication Campaign in Kampong Cham Province

The initiative aims to raise community awareness regarding cataracts and to increase access to free eye services for people with this problem at Kampong Cham Provincial Hospital.

Since April 2019, the National Center for Health Promotion has developed health education materials for outreach campaigns that aim to eliminate cataracts, such as: 

  •  Produced a 4-minute promotional video which was used to train health center officials, community representatives, CCWC, DCDM, and VHSG
  • Developed a 60-second video and broadcasted on Kampong Cham TV and National Television.
  • Produced and displayed billboards and banners in provincial towns, health centers, markets, pagodas and schools to provide information to people in the province. The leaflets are printed and distributed to community representatives for use in educating target groups suffering from vision problems in each village.

The National Center for Health Promotion has offered cataract training to provincial health officials, executive district officials, representatives of health centers, and district, community and village authorities to maintain awareness of cataracts in their respective areas.

In collaboration with Kampong Cham Provincial Health Department, the National Center for Health Promotion organized a health promotion workshop on May 28, 2019 aimed at eliminating blindness due to cataracts in Kampong Cham province. About 200 people attended the workshop, which was presided over by Kampong Cham's governor. This campaign is supported by the One Belt One Road project.

In Kampong Cham province, eye health promotion activities have led to an increase in the number of people receiving cataract services, now at 6,208 people, and customers are satisfied with these cataract services.


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